Products that Make Having 2 Under 2 Easier

We know that first time Mama’s basically learn one thing in the first year of motherhood: you’re clueless. It’s true. You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it. Seriously. There were so many things that felt overwhelming and foreign to me as a new mom. I asked my mom friends what things they loved and needed when I got pregnant to try to build my baby registry, and honestly I got some great suggestions. But truthfully, as every baby is different, every parent is different. You will need/want/love some products that others won’t even find remotely beneficial. However, here are some of the things that I have used over and over again after having baby #2. Truly, I wish I had them with my first!

  1. The Nuna Pipa Infant Carseat – OK, this is like the Cadi of carseats. Not knocking the Graco and Chicco…but I kind of am. I had a Graco SnugRide 35 with my first baby. She literally would scream every.single.time. I put her in it — and she would cry and remain fussy and uncomfortable for the entire time she was in it. No joke. Whether it was a 5 minute car ride or a 2 hour drive to Nana’s house. She hated it. And I hated buckling her into it. Not to mention it was the biggest pain to try to lift her out. Cue Nuna Pipa. It is SO EASY to get into and out of your car. Guys, I’m 5’1” and drive an old Jeep Commander, it’s high, but I can lift my babe into and out of the carseat base no problem. And with other things in my hand (because you’ve always got a diaper bag, water bottle, coffee cup, La Croix…..etc.) It is so stinking WORTH.IT. My little one also sleeps in this carseat amazingly. It is lightweight, has awesome features like the dream drape to block out sun or even just give a little bit of a darker, calmer atmosphere for babe. Trust me, don’t skimp on the carseat. There are other costs that can be cut. Take it from someone who did it the first time and regretted it. Buy the nice infant seat. I linked the one on Amazon because…lets be honest Amazon it about the easiest place to buy from, plus if you’re building your registry its so convenient to do it there. But its also a great deal on Nordstrom.

  2. The Thule Urban Glide 2 — So, this one I actually had with baby #1, but my brake was malfunctioning. I was really annoyed at first because this is an expensive, top of the line jogging stroller. After 1 and 1/2 years I was already having issues — come on?! BUT, I contacted customer service about my issue and they were amazing. They replaced my stroller — and upgraded me to the newest version — for free. Um…I am a Thule customer for life now. It is the smoothest, easiest stroller you will ever push. Plus the adjustable handle is awesome for short Mama’s like me, or for the toddler who loves helping. All around most valuable player in my book.

  3. SnuggleMe Organic — We coslept with our first little one without even realizing it was an option. Out of necessity I started keeping baby #1 in my bed after night feedings while recovering from my c-section, simply because I couldn’t get myself back out of bed by myself for the first couple weeks. This time around, we have the SnuggleMe to tuck baby #2 into and it is amazing. Not only is it great for co-sleeping, but it also allows you to have a portable bed anywhere. Not a pack n’ play to lug around, but a lightweight, easy to toss in your car option that allows babe to nap on the go. We love ours, I just wish I had found one sooner. Even my toddler loves to climb into and lounge in the “baby bed.”

  4. L’ovedBaby Footies — These are simply the nicest, softest, best designed baby item I have found to date. Truly, I think that the snug fit and breathable cotton allow my littles to sleep better. Who doesn’t want that? I mean, they have adult-sized jammies too this season and I’m tempted to buy them for myself. This is another item that I actually DID have for baby #1 but not until about 5-6 months of age did I splurge on these. Don’t get me wrong, I love a 3-pack of Carter’s for $10 but…when you see the difference in how these jammies wash, wear and maintain their quality, you won’t go back. Mine have been through my oldest, been shared with my niece and nephew, AND put them on my second baby, and they still look new. Absolutely love them.

  5. HelloBello — We went through the all the diapers in the world (it felt like) to find some quality pants to put our babies to bed in. My favorite were the Parasol Co. diapers, they are unbelievably soft and my oldest never blew out of those. However, they are expensive. Then HelloBello came on the scene. They have all the features of the Parasol diapers we love — plant based, chemical free, cute prints — but they are at a lower price point. Plus they are stocked at Walmart. Super convenient. We have subscriptions for both our toddler and our new babe. I won’t go back.

  6. Glow-in-the-dark MAMs — It’s just stupid not to. Seriously — how did we live without them, I’ll never know.

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