I’ll be honest, most of the photos I post are taken with my iPhone 7. They’re not always the greatest snapshots to begin with — but you can doctor them up easily with VSCO. It’s my favorite photo editing app. I’ve tried several including Darkroom but I always come back to VSCO, their filters are the best and it is so intuitive.

First, download the VSCO app to your device. Follow the steps to create an account and get logged in. Then select the “+” symbol in order to upload photos from your camera roll — you might have to grant access to your photos in your setttings.

After you’ve imported the image you want to edit, select the “editing” icon at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll land on the filters page, select which filter you would like to apply to the photo, Typically I use the P5 preset — I like the hue it give the images. This option works best for photos taken in naturally-lit areas or outside.

Double tap on the filter you’ve selected in order to adjust the strength of that filter on your image. Drag the guide along until you’ve reached the desired strength. Click on the check mark to apply.

Next select the editing symbol from the bottom menu. Here you can edit exposure, contrast, crop/adjust and skew your image, adjust sharpness, highlights and shadows and more.

I usually adjust my exposure in order to lighten my photos between 1.0 – 3.0.

Contrast is next, there are plenty of images where I don’t adjust the contrast at all. Just play around with it until you get the look you want and move on to the next editing option.

Crop and straighten is self explanatory  but it is a great feature if your photographer wasn’t at quite the right angle!

Speaking of angles, Skew is also underneath the crop/straighten tab. This feature is HUGE. If your photographer took the photo angled upward and you need to adjust to a more head-on look, you simply adjust your “y-axis” skew. This has saved some images for me — big time!

Once you’ve got the look you want go back to the Filter screen and up in the left corner you will see the “save” button.

After you select save, choose “save to camera roll” then you’ll have the option of whichever size you’d like to save your image as.

Boom. You’re done. You took your decent shot to a professionally-edited look in just a few minutes! Plus it’s free. You can upgrade to VSCO X if you want to use some of their fancier filters too. It’s $19.99/year and honestly that’s cheaper than any of the filter preset packages I’ve seen!

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